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I am honored that you chose to work with me on your design project!


the process

Let's Get This Project Started!

Schedule your call so that we can talk about your project and I can let you know what I need. Click the link and schedule a time that works for you.


the tools

Honeybook | Project Management 

*This is the tool that we will use to manage your project. You should already be familiar with Honeybook, because I sent you the contract and your payment through Honeybook already. All of your project will be housed here. We will be able to communicate directly about your project through Honeybook, so if you have any questions please direct them there.

Acuity Scheduling | My Scheduler

*You should be familiar with how to schedule time to chat with me. Once a week we will touch base about your project and you will need to schedule this time. The scheduling links are in Honeybook, to schedule your weekly calls. Feel free to schedule them all at once. 

Partners & Resources

*Check out my Partners & Resources page. This page is a collection of partners that I work with and resources that I use, that you may need for your business